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  1. Stéphane Deschamps notabene

    RT: @lloydi: Ooof! Wells Fargo have got stung for not being accessible. Pricey? I'll say - $16m pricey! #

    Wednesday, 01-Jun-11 15:36:24 UTC from omb
  2. Stéphane Deschamps notabene

    I hear less and less about #, what about y'all? (good thing, too, # wise

    Wednesday, 11-May-11 13:59:55 UTC from omb
  3. Olivier G. lespacedunmatin

    RT @w3cafe: les W3cafés ont désormais leur twitter officiel # # #

    Thursday, 27-Jan-11 16:28:54 UTC from omb
  4. Stéphane Deschamps notabene

    "so this image linking back to the home page has to have an alt? we thought this qualified as a decoration image" # #

    Tuesday, 12-Oct-10 08:58:21 UTC from omb
  5. Stéphane Deschamps notabene

    dear #, I've tried to be good to you, helped with your # (haha), but please now: leave me alone. # is coming.

    Wednesday, 01-Sep-10 08:37:59 UTC from omb
  6. Stéphane Deschamps notabene

    RT: @stevefaulkner: Updated proposal to add image map functionality to # # #

    Friday, 25-Jun-10 08:59:14 UTC from omb
  7. Stéphane Deschamps notabene

    RT: @stevefaulkner: HTML5 and the myth of WAI-ARIA redundance # # # #

    Thursday, 08-Apr-10 11:58:14 UTC from omb
  8. Stéphane Deschamps notabene

    Very good keyboard # on # I'm impressed.

    Saturday, 13-Mar-10 09:22:23 UTC from omb
  9. Stéphane Deschamps notabene

    "I'd rather have a 60% win than a 100% fail when itcomes to #" @johnfoliot on # #

    Tuesday, 10-Nov-09 09:14:40 UTC from omb
  10. Stéphane Deschamps notabene

    Good line-up of participants in the # # task force

    Monday, 09-Nov-09 13:21:39 UTC from omb
  11. Olivier G. lespacedunmatin

    R @lauracarlson: # cheatsheet for developers by @dontcallmedom # # # #

    Thursday, 05-Nov-09 06:41:52 UTC from omb
  12. Stéphane Deschamps notabene

    @johnfoliot btw did you end up compiling a list of good uses of longdesc at large? #

    Tuesday, 13-Oct-09 20:42:36 UTC from omb
  13. Stéphane Deschamps notabene

    @cssquirrel did I say I'm impressed by your steadiness in providing longdesc? because I am #

    Tuesday, 13-Oct-09 19:12:29 UTC from omb
  14. Stéphane Deschamps notabene

    I love the mock drag'n'drop in # - good lesson for # implementations

    Monday, 05-Oct-09 14:37:02 UTC from omb
  15. Stéphane Deschamps notabene

    second # # #

    Monday, 05-Oct-09 14:04:17 UTC from omb
  16. Stéphane Deschamps notabene

    R: @lauracarlson: RT @shelleypowers Here's what passes for WhatWG humor # folks may be esp interested #

    Saturday, 03-Oct-09 08:09:09 UTC from omb
  17. Stéphane Deschamps notabene

    R: @lauracarlson: European Commission floats idea of web # legislation

    Friday, 02-Oct-09 18:31:55 UTC from omb
  18. Stéphane Deschamps notabene

    RD: @lauracarlson: #: Take 2 @cssquirrel welcomes your feedback.

    Friday, 18-Sep-09 10:25:44 UTC from omb
  19. Stéphane Deschamps notabene

    yay WAI! #

    Monday, 14-Sep-09 13:21:47 UTC from omb